What a made up tragedy
Looking at thе ocean, and calling it half empty
You could spend a thousand years
Stressing over nothing or you could come and join me

I used to think that worst case would always be in first place
But now just look at this life
I thought happiness was hard to find, that I could never love my life
But today, I’m waking up with a smile on my face

Grammar Check- Bound Prepositions
Bound prepositions usually don’t have any independent meaning and they depend on other words in the sentence, like verbs, nouns or adjectives. Here’s an example:
You can rely on me.

Here the preposition ON is a bound one. It doesn’t have the meaning like “the book is ON the table”. The choice of the preposition depends on the verb RELY. The verb plus the preposition form a prepositional verb. It is also used with nouns and adjectives.

Verb + preposition:
Believe in (percaya pada) – Do you believe in life after death?
Depend on (bergantung pada) – It depends on the weather.
Look at (melihat) – Look at this photograph!
Look for (mencari ) – I’m looking for a new car.
Look after (merawat) – Could you look after my cat?

Noun + Preposition:
Difficulty in (kesulitan dalam) – Does he have much difficulty in doing his schoolwork?
Answer to (jawaban atas) – Have you had an answer to your letter?
Example of (contoh) – This building is an example of good modern architecture.

Adjective + Preposition:
Good at (pandai dalam) – I’m not very good at mathematics.
Proud of (bangga dengan) – I’m very proud of you.
Interested in (tertarik dengan) – I’m quite interested in photography.
Angry with (marah pada) – She’s angry with you.