Hi Guys, you might already use words without realizing them. When you can’t think of the right word to use in a sentence, you might say “umm, ok, I mean, i guess, you know, actually” and other. These give you a break while you think, without an awkward, silent pause, right? But what are those in English?

Yap, those are filler words. Filler words are words (and phrases) that are used to fill silence when you’re speaking. They’re words that don’t add any real value to the sentence. They simply keep you going while you come up with the rest of your sentence. Their actual name is “discourse markers,” but they’re much more commonly known as “filler words.”

When you think of someone as being a fluent English speaker, you probably think they speak perfectly without stopping. In reality, even native English speakers use filler words, and they use them often. These words are an important part of sounding natural when you speak English.

You’re allowed to pause and think, to be unsure of how to answer, or even to forget the right word to use. The trick is knowing the right filler words to use while you put your thoughts together.

Every language has its own set of filler words. Learning English filler words will help you sound more like a native speaker.

Some people think all filler words are bad, and should be used as little as possible. For an English learner, though, they can be a very helpful way to speak more fluently and confidently. Still, it’s a good idea to use as few filler words as possible in interviews and professional settings.

If you find yourself using too many filler words when you speak, it might be time to either study some more vocabulary or slow down your speech.


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