Couldn’t stand to be kept away
Just for the day from your body
Wouldn’t wanna be swept away
Far away from the one that I love

After all that we’ve been through
I will make it up to you, I promise to

you’re gonna be the lucky one

One as a Pronoun

We use ONE instead of repeating a noun. We use ONE for singular nouns, and ONES for plurals.

  • What beautiful flowers! Can I have one? (one=flower)
  • Who is your girlfriend?; The one in the red shirt
  • I’d like a hamburger. One with lots of onion, please.
  • Would you like to try these shoes, sir?; No, the black ones, please.
  • Natural flowers are much better than artificial ones.
  • Look at those children. The ones playing football. They’re from San Francisco.

We don’t use ONE for uncountable nouns, we use SOME (or nothing if it goes with an adjective)

  • If you like mangos, I can give you one.
  • If you like brown sugar, I can give you some.
  • If you don’t like French food, we can buy Spanish (not: Spanish one)

Some grammatical words can be used with a noun or alone, so they don’t need to use ONE:

  • Which do you like? (also: which one)
  • He is the tallest (also: he is the tallest one)
  • That’s your book and this is mine (not: ~my one~)
  • Banana or apple? – I’ll take both (not: ~both ones~)
  • I need more dollars, I have few (not: ~few ones~)