This is a technology that had been going viral because of an incident at the Merah and Putih Building of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in Jakarta last week. This is a laser shot containing a critique of the KPK. But do you know the tools used?

It is Laser Cube. For instance, it is a portable projector with three different colors of laser diodes, able to form pictures by rotating and flashing them rapidly through lenses. It connects to a computer or smartphone to control its projections, and can be programmed to show pictures, animations, music visualizations, and games, and it can even work as a laser engraver with an optional lens.

The Laser Cube is, well, a cube. It’s a plain, black metal box measuring four inches on each side, with a cutout in the front to expose the laser and lens array. Two screw-in pegs sit under the cutout, holding a small door in place to cover the array when not in use, or providing mounting points for different optional lenses.

To use the Laser Cube, you need to use the key to turn the lock into the on position, make sure the safety interlock is installed, and flip the power switch. Those three steps will make the projector ready fire, but to actually start your light show, you need to connect a computer or smartphone to the projector through the micro USB port.

Aside from still images and animations, the Laser Cube has several active and interactive projection modes. It can serve as a musical visualizer, displaying colorful patterns that fluctuate to whatever music you’re playing. There are dozens of different visualizers, and you can sync them to any input, output, or loopback audio device on your computer.

The Laser Cube is a strange device from a strange company, but it might be just what you’re looking for. If you’re a DJ who wants a light show, a science teacher who wants to show how lasers work with an interactive video game, or a hobbyist who wants do do automated, computer-controlled wood burning and light laser etching, the LaserCube is a powerful tool.

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