Hi.. Here, we share another term of health. We frequently share you these because we realize that many things happen in our life but we basically can’t control all, so take some of them that are under our control to avoid personally.

Many of us tend to daydream; these occasional, fleeting fantasies usually amount to nothing more than a benign distraction. They’re a temporary escape from a hectic or tedious routine, and usually harmless, as the daydreamer can easily snap back into reality after some moments.

But there’s another type of daydreaming that can be much more intense and much more difficult to control and often signals a much bigger issue. It can even become addictive. It’s called Maladaptive daydreaming (MD), and it’s a term coined by Dr. Eli Somer. It’s discovered about 20 years ago.

The daydreaming patients with MD experience is very vivid, in many cases, creating a sense of presence. It is usually fantastical and is unrelated to a person’s reality. Some people get so caught up in their daydreaming that they forget where they are.

It sometimes begins as a means of coping with various difficulties such as depression, loneliness and social anxiety that related to our condition today. However, MD is still new and It is gradually gaining the evidence needed for it to be considered a valid psychiatric disorder.

It’s important and in simple ways how to deal and avoid it from some articles said that firstly recognze and avoid triggers. A trigger is an event, place, feeling, or thought that makes you start or return to maladaptive daydreaming, stay engaged during the day by keeping your mind busy and unavailable for daydreaming, and do exercise that make your body move and other ways.

There’s a related movie of this disorder titled “The secret life of Walter Mitty”. It’s really impressed for worldwide people at that time about his life journey. Check this https://movies21.stream/secret-life-walter-mitty-2013/ while learning English.

stay safe and empower yourself.

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