Sleep Types (Chronotypes)

Have you ever had the weird feeling like you’re on a different schedule than everyone around you?⁣

Maybe you’re always yawning when your friends are just getting ready to go to dinner. Or no matter how many hours of sleep you get, you never really feel awake at work before noon. Yea, the scientists say “your chronotype, or your body’s biological clock”.⁣

Your chronotype comes from the length of your PER3 gene and is dependent on genetic, environmental, and age-related factors. Your chronotype influences hormone levels, metabolic function, and body temperature, to name a few.⁣

Chronotypes were first studied in the 1970s by Olov Ostberg, and since then, many sleep researchers have taken their stab at understanding and educating others on chronotypes. One of them is Michael Breus, Ph.D, scientist and sleep expert, in his new book -The Power of When-. ⁣

Shortly, he ever called in the book that these chronotypes: Dolphins, Lions, Bears, and Wolves.⁣

  1. Dolphins are light sleepers and tend to wake up at the slightest noise.⁣
  2. Lions are classic morning types. In prehistoric times, these people would take the morning shift of guarding the group.⁣
  3. Bears have an energy cycle that rises and falls with the sun. They’re most productive in daylight.⁣
  4. Wolves are evening types. They naturally stay up later and sleep later. They’re just starting to drift off when Lions are waking up.⁣

    Though we all need sleep, we don’t all follow the same sleep schedule or have the same sleep needs. Paying attention to your sleep habits and cycles and learning more about your chronotype can help you get better control of your sleep schedule and make it easier to get healthy rest at night (and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning). ⁣

    So, which type are you based on your feeling of sleep? ⁣
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