It’s trending K-drama recently guys, “Start-Up”. Let’s get something valuable of business lessons or new vocabulaies from it. Here are terms of Start-up as the three main personality types that make up tech start-up success.

The Hustler
The hustler eats, sleeps and breathes the business model. This is the business savvy person who makes sure the company makes money, usually the CEO. The hustler builds the team, ignites their passion, manages projects, updates the business model, forms partnerships and guides the team along the journey, while creating and strengthening its culture. The hustler has a keen eye for numbers, such as financials, cost structure and user metrics, can speak to the long and short-term vision of the company, and can make investor pitches and tough decisions.

Personality traits:
Go-getter, Disciplined, Extroverted, Growth mindset, Networker

The Hacker
The hacker eats, sleeps and breathes code. This is the tech person who builds the actual product. Usually the chief technology officer, the hacker is the one who creates the algorithms, intellectual property and resulting technology that forms the building blocks of your business.The hacker is instrumental in choosing the coding environment and platform for the start-up to sustain growth. As an added bonus, if he or she can hustle—that is, get out and talk with customers—you’ve got it made.

Personality traits:
Analytical, Structured, Reliable, Focussed

The Hipster
The hipster eats, sleeps and breathes design. This is the designer that makes sure the product is delivering the best customer experience. The designer sets best practices in marketing, brand identity building, user experience, and the look and feel of the product. In most early-stage start-ups, the hipster is the copywriter as well.

Personality traits:
Creative, Good taste, Empathetic, Thoughtful, Minimalist

Can you guess whom they are as Hustler, Hacker and Hipster on the Drama? 🤔
Better luck watch it in English subtitle surely.

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