A note from Neil Postman, in his book “Amusing ourselves to death”, 1995.

Postman analyzes about TV (television) which is being popular in that time. He calls information through TV as _pseudo-contexts_, that is a structure created to make fragmented and irrelevant information to appear useful. Making something unimportant seems important and so on oppositely.

He says, both its history and all its potential shows that tv cannot sit side by side with contemplation for spiritual experience. Television requires you to remember that the images they contain will always be ready to please and entertain you.
So that Postman ensures that the only use of TV is to entertain. No more than that.

He continues, through TV everyone can be trapped no matter who they are. Those who are unable to entertain, will lose the fans and be eliminated from TV.

Think that it happened today. And now it gets worse by other social media. So, let’s be selective of using them.

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