An 87 year old grandmother from Japan, learned coding at the age of 81. Her name is Masako Wakamiya. Masako Wakamiya realized that there were no applications, especially game applications, that seniors could enjoy.

Then Masako Wakamiya approached young game developers to make it. But they rejected it. And said that they didn’t know what the elderly people were asking for. So, Masako Wakamiya had to make it herself and she really did it herself.

At the age of 81, Masako Wakamiya learned how to code so she could make games for seniors. The games application is called Hinadan and has received a rating of 4.9 and more than 100 thousand downloads. In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook invited him to the annual world developer conference, and called Masako Wakamiya the oldest developer in the world.

Wakamaiya stated that I hope that the elderly people of the world do not say “I’m too old” but that they rather take on new challenges without fear of failure. It will not inconvenience anyone if they fail, and even if they do fail, they will still have the experience of looking into a new world. There are many things you can learn from failure. Failure is fertilizer to help a big flower bloom. In the past, people’s lifespan was 50 years, but now it is said that one’s lifespan can be 100 years, so I would like people to ignore their age and live freely.