Thrift Shopping

Have you ever heard of the term ‘thrift shopping’ before? Thrift shopping is taken from the word ‘thrift shop’, which is a store that sells pre-loved or second-hand stuffs that are still decent and wearable.⁣

For some people, the image of “buying second-hand” can be dreadful and unimaginable. Even so, thrift store itself has recently gained popularity and is considered as an alternative way to shop with its own benefits, especially in terms of the environment.⁣

To illustrate, the textile and garment industry, specifically fast fashion, resulted in negative impacts towards the environment. Such impacts are namely water pollution, the use of dangerous chemicals, as well as the increasing amount of textile waste. In addition, garment and textile are mostly difficult to be recycled.⁣

Clothes are indeed one of humanity’s basic needs. Even so, the fulfillment of such need does not have to cost our one and only earth. This is where thrift shop comes in and becomes one of the solutions in shopping for clothes while minimizing the negative environmental impacts.⁣

In addition to being environmentally friendly, thrift shopping also has several other benefits as follow:⁣

  • Cheap Price with Relatively Good Quality⁣
  • A Chance to Experiment with Style and Colors ⁣
  • The Opportunity to find Unique or Rare Clothes ⁣

    If you haven’t visit any thrift shops before, there are several things you need to bear in mind to before sliding into the nearest thrift shops, which are:⁣
  • The crucial aspect of thrift shopping is patience, because there is no guarantee that we will immediately find the clothes that fit our taste.⁣
  • Decide on the Type of Clothes that You Want to Buy in Thrift Shop⁣
  • because the clothes are second-hand, make sure that you wash it thoroughly before use. ⁣
  • Modify Your Clothes if Necessary⁣

    The act of shopping and consuming responsibly is becoming more important than ever because the impacts that those have brought to our environment are not trivial.⁣

    There are many things that we fought for behind the act of thrift shopping. To start with, purchasing second-hand items means that we are implementing the 3R Principles (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) by giving a “second life” to the clothes and items that are still in good condition. By not buying new items, we indirectly eliminate the possibility of textile waste, or any waste at all, that might end up in landfills.⁣

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