“The presence of advanced information technology, namely the Internet, is the acceleration of the collapse of communication between experts and laypeople which has offered an apparent shortcut to erudition.” Tom Nichols.

The power of social media can change a person’s life. Even an amateur can be someone who is believed to be the most skilled. Phenomenon of Dewa Kipas is a simpel example lately. Even though he is not a professional chess player and does not have a title, most Indonesian netizens are very confident that he is a great chess player and can really beat a professional player.

Why does it happen? A highly recommended book to know the reasons is The Death of Expertise: The Campaign against Established Knowledge and Why it Matters (Oxford, 2017), Tom Nichols.

The death of expertise is an attack on the already established knowledge and adverse effects of half information or refraction in the public from the presence of Google, social media and other communication tools. Many laypeople who tend to degrade intellectually and advice from Experts. So, they feel quite satisfied with the information obtained from the media without the want to prove the truth and do not want to learn to find out. As if throwing science, damaging practices, and not willing to develop new knowledge. Again, the people were reluctant and felt already had enough information to make a decision.

Finally, emotion is an unassailable defence against expertise, a moat of anger and resentment in which reason and knowledge quickly drown. And when people learn that emotion trumps everything else, it is a lesson they will take with them for the rest of their lives.

The death of expertise is not only the rejection of the already established knowledge, but the rejection of science and and the impartial rationality that is the basis of modern civilization. Most of the responses were shown against the presence of the Internet as a main cause. Maybe, this is just an anxiety among professional circles that occurs whenever there is a social or technological change. In other sides, it is also possible that the death of expertise is a sign of progress.


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