There is nothing in football that can compare with the World Cup. Even though the UEFA Champions League may produce games of the same quality, it can’t overreach the status earned from the long tradition and the fact that one team represent a whole country. No other sport event can compete in significance: the latest FIFA World Cup reached over three billion television viewers worldwide and one billion watched the final.

Before the World Cup was inaugurated, the football tournament arranged as part of the Summer Olympics was given the most prestige. But in the 1920s, the game was facing a transition to professionalism that wasn’t consistent with the Olympic spirit. Therefore, the government body, FIFA, made plans to organize a World Cup. The decision of arranging the first edition was officially declared on May 26, 1928.

The first official World Cup was played in Uruguay 1930, and since when the tournament has been held every fourth year (with exceptions for interruption due to the Second World War). The latest, The FIFA World Cup 2018 was played in Russia 14 June-15 July, with 32 nations.

Statistics of all national teams that have won or played a final together with numbers of participation in World Cup, concerning the period 1930-2018: Brazil (5), Germany (4), Italy (4), Argentina, France, Uruguay (2), England, Spain (1).

In connection to the World Cup, several awards are given to some players. The most known is The Golden Ball that is awarded to the best player in a FIFA World Cup. Candidates are decided by FIFA which media representatives votes on. Besides the Golden Ball there are also the Silver Ball and the Bronze Ball together with the Golden Boot (top goalscorer) and the Golden Glove (best goalkeeper).

The prize money for the tournament has increased massively during the years. The total prize money for the FIFA World Cup 2018 was $791 million (the winners received $35 million), which can be compared to $20 million for the FIFA World Cup 1982. For FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, it is $42 about million.

Qatar also host the biggest football party in 2022. There has never been an event as expensive as this Football World Cup. The cost of this World Cup is around 15 times higher than the previous tournament in Russia. Qatar has spent five times more than the last eight World Cups together (about $220 billion). And many other facts are in world cup 2022. Finally, which team is your favorite?

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