EF EPI is a standardized and objective report that categorizes the English language skills of non-native English speaking countries. The report was compiled with data on English proficiency from 2 million individuals who have taken the EF Standard English Test (EF SET) or other English language proficiency test models provided by EF in 2020.

This year, 2021,Indonesia’s EPI achievement is ranked 80 out of 112 countries or down 6 places compared to the position last year. Indonesia got 466 points, an increase from last year score of 453. Despite an increase in score, this year Indonesia is still in the “low” category for English proficiency. Globally, Indonesia’s EPI score is even below the global average EPI score of 503.

Compared to neighboring countries, Indonesia’s EPI in this year is far below Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia, which managed to occupy the top three EPI positions in Asia. Singapore as the country with the highest EPI achievement in Asia has managed to rank fourth in the EPI globally and is included in the “very high proficiency” category.

Meanwhile, Philippines and Malaysia are ranked 18th and 28th globally and are categorized as “high proficiency” countries in terms of English proficiency. Vietnam is ranked 66th globally with an EPI score difference of 20 points compared to Indonesia. Meanwhile, Indonesia is ranked 5th out of 8 countries in Southeast Asia and ranked 14th out of 24 countries in Asia as calculated by the EPI in this year.

This EF EPI provides a number of recommendations to governments, private sector, educational institutions/schools, and individuals in an effort to improve English language skills. One of the recommendations from this data is the importance of a country to prioritize the use of English.

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