Sidewalks we crossed
I still hear your voice in the traffic, we’re laughing
Over all the noise
God, I’m so blue, know we’re through

Some situations make it very hard for us to speak the right words, and wrong words can completely change the context of our words. Also, when writing a story or an essay, it becomes tiresome to bring new words into the story instead of writing the same words over and over again.

Here are some words you can use instead of just plainly using ‘SAD’:

  • Eventhough she’s quite spoiled by her parents, she somehow still looks unhappy in life.
  • I have been feeling down about my grades this semester.
  • The woman whose husband is dead is looking at me with sorrowful eyes.
  • She often looks very gloomy after her husband’s death.
  • Stop being glum, we will win this game next time.
  • Failing multiple times, he started to feel despondent about passing the exam.
  • Maya looked quite dejected when her friend told her that she didn’t get that job.
  • You looked very downcast yesterday, what happened?
  • Sarah is just being melancholy, she’s always like that.
  • Johny has been a bit blue these days since his girlfriend left him for another man.
  • After her son died, she is getting depressed.
  • The children are miserable, they can not eat everyday.
  • She gets heartbroken but she can cure herself.
  • You will be wretched if you don’t follow what your mom said.
  • I try to pass the test many times, but it never comes. It makes me joyless.
  • I am wistful, I can’t travel to Bali this month.

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