Now, we’ll break apart a song lyric based on the grammar rules. Here, we are going to know more about the use of “do”. Most of us commonly know that word as a verb. Let’s check it obviously on the parts of this song lyric below. ⁣

1. Do as Verb (kata kerja: melakukan, mengerjakan, dll) ⁣

And I roll my eyes and then⁣
You pull me in⁣
I’m not much for dancing⁣
But for you I do (did)

2. Do as Auxiliary Verb (kata bantu, biasanya saat pola kalimat tanya dan negatif) ⁣

But now I’ll go sit on the floor⁣
Wearing your clothes⁣
All that I know is⁣
I do not know how to be something you miss⁣

3. Do as Emphasizer (penekanan arti: sangat, begitu, dll) ⁣

I do recall now⁣
The smell of the rain⁣
Fresh on the pavement⁣
I ran off the plane⁣

I do apologize coz this song is on “MUTE” mode. Anyone may do this daliberately. I do not khow who she/he is. Do you know? 😁⁣

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