For the first time in history, 6 generations are living in the current society. The thinking pattern, purchasing behavior, use of technologies and social connections are different from one generation to another.

Generation is a set of people who are born in a similar era and who share a similar type of life experiences, similar thinking patterns and a similar way of living. There is no specific measurement to divide between the generations, but for the ease of recognizing each set of people with common characteristics are categorized into one generation. The 6 generations in the society at the moment are silent generation, baby boomers, generation x, generation y (millenial), generation z, and generation alpha.

Silent generation is the people who are born between 1925 to 1945. These are the people who are born in the time period of the Second World War and who experienced the economic downturn due to the world war. This is a time period where people believed that children should be seen, but not heard. Since they spent most of their childhood working and not getting a chance to talk, the generation is labeled as ‘Silent Generation’. Silent generation is currently passing their 70s and most of them are enjoying their retirement benefits.

Baby Boomers are the generation who are born between 1946 and 1964. This generation is considered as the ones who got exposed to the post-world war prosperity. After the world war, the soldiers who were in the war fields returned to their homes and the number of childbirths increased drastically within that time period. This was the reason for the generation to be named ‘Baby Boomers’.

Generation X belongs to the people who are born between 1965 to 1980. This is a generation who are considered as more independent than the other generations. They were born in an era where the divorce rate was high in the society and their boomer mothers joined with the workforce to support single-parent homes. Known as the “Latch-key” generations, these characteristics made the gen Xers more independent from all 06 generations in the society.

Generation Y is the generation that is born between 1981- 1996. This generation is called millennials, echo boomers or iGeneration. Raised under the close attention of helicopter parents who taught to believe that they are the best in society, generation Y is expecting attention and recognition from society.

Generation Z is the people who are born between 1996-2010 and they are the most technologized out of all 06 generations in society. This is the generation that just started joining the workforce. They accessed new technologies from young age and technology is just a normal part of their day-to-day life.

Generation Alpha is the newest addition to the 06 generations in society. They are the generation who are born after 2011 till now. Even though it’s little too early to analyze the behavior of the generation Alpha, there are certain characteristics identified common to the generation.