Here, we present some terms of the meeting. May this be useful. ⁣

Lunch meeting : meetings at lunch time in cafes or others and this is usually for meeting with clients. ⁣
TBD (to be discussed) : meeting topics that have not been completed and will be discussed again.⁣
Parking lot : meeting topics look like TBD but it is more urgent. ⁣
Deadlock is a situation where a meeting does not result in an agreement.⁣
WOW or ways of working : an explanation of how to work usually for a new employee or presenting a new project.⁣
MOM or minutes of meeting : data on points to be discussed in the meeting⁣
PIC or person in charge : the person who is responsible for holding the meeting.⁣
Briefing : meeting in a more relaxed and short time.⁣
Following up : requests for answers and decisions usually from directors or coworkers.⁣
SOP or standard operation procedures : a set of agreements for workers to fit their jobs.⁣
Ground rules: the rules detail the code of conduct for a meeting, explaining the behavior that’s expected of all meeting participants.⁣
AGM or Annual General Meeting : A meeting of the general membership of an organization, usually once a year. ⁣
AOB or Any Other Business : topics that are not included in the agenda can be discussed, scheduled at the end of the meeting. ⁣
Attendance : the act of being present at a meeting or event, etc.). For some meetings, a predetermined percentage of participants (called a quorum) must be in attendance before the meeting can start. ⁣
Feedback : Asking for the answer to improve and send a message about the importance of meeting quality to meeting participants.⁣
Ice breaking : an activity, game, or event that is used to welcome and warm up the conversation among participants. ⁣
Kickoff meeting generally the first meeting with the project team and their client, before the main project work begins and is designed to create alignment between everyone involved with the project. ⁣
Mind Mapping : a visual way to represent a central idea and related themes. ⁣
Motion : a formal proposal put to a group for a decision by vote in a meeting. ⁣
ORID or Objective Reflective, Interpretive, Decisional : one technic to solve problems on achieving project goal. ⁣
Remote team : team members who share responsibility for achieving defined objectives and perform from a flexible/virtual work environments, using technology to meet over the Internet.⁣
Need Assessment : colllecting the data needs by some methods, such as SWOT. ⁣
Ballot : A form on which a secret vote is marked. ⁣

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