Hi pals.. some disorders as we know come from maladaptive information and receiving distortion in our mind. It’s awesome book called “The Happy Brain” by DR. Dean Burnett, a fantastically funny and witty neuroscientist who has researched extensivly into happiness. He answers all super duper important questions. He takes different aspects of life from work, friendships, love, sex and where we live and goes in depth about why these make us happy or not! And why nothing, not a single damn thing, is simple within the human brain.

Dean is very funny. However, Happy Brain explores a fascinating aspect of modern neuroscience, and in the process discovers something about what it means to be human. This isn’t like a text-book read with fact after fact or statistic after statistic. But he very much puts himself into this book, includes personal stories, anecdotes and opinions and makes learning about it fun. He’s explaining the science behind our potential happiness and then leaving it up to us to do as we wish with that information.

It’s interesting book. There’s been an Indonesian translation we can find in store. Stay safe and get more spirit of yourself.
Ig. Sahabatpare_lingua

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